I cannot forget the follies and vices of other so soon as I ought, nor their offenses against myself. Children who lose their temper will lost everything else in the end! Big Mama: Well, honey. Tod sneaks up behind Copper. Amos lifts his gun and fires. . Sure beats sleepin' in that barrel. you shouldn't be over here. Not so fast. She points the gun to the sky and shoots. Suddenly, she slams on the brakes, apparently fed up. I've had it! The owl watches as the vixen gets scared by more barking. Copper yelps loudly and falls down onto the ground. are a screenwriter not a layout artist, so no kerning the letters or fudging on the line spacing. But you know you. Amos points to the barrel, and Copper slinks inside. Why it looks like Amos is goin' on a huntin' trip. Copper growls furiously. Tod (apologetic): Sorry! It's not my fault, you know. He looks and sees the widow in her car. And you're a fox. I'm not doing anything. Boomer: Well it looks like that farm boy is makin' it big with her. Dinky flies up to Tod's neck level and notices a collar. Vixey (still giggling): I'm sorry. He bites the bear's ear, pulling with all his might. The photograph is stuck to a mirror. Copper (nervously): He's wakin' up! Chief chases Tod around, scooping the chickens up in his barrel. She glances sadly at the picture. . A butterfly comes flying out of the hole. Maybe they wanna play. Tod pokes his head out. Not with old Chief over there. Am I glad I found you boys. var year = currentDate.getFullYear(); If that little rascal's gonna make me a good huntin' dog, he's gotta learn to mind. Tod can barely open his eyes. Tod: I'm a fox! Tod closes his eyes as the bear brings his paw down hard and takes out a chunk of the bridge, which breaks apart and sends the two animals plummeting into the river below. (Kicks the car) Get goin'! The car disappears into the distance. Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans Want King Conan Now More Than Ever. . She spots the pup. Copper (loud and angry): Tod! He sees a hole that looks promising but finds that it is occupied. Squeeks looks over the wood and sees Boomer. She tries to grab it, but the fox becomes scared. When reports of their second collaboration emerged in early 2014, neither of them confirmed the reports. Get trackin'. The bear gives Tod a vicious swipe. Is he ever big! Tod glances back at Vixey. Widow: I remember how we used to play. Get back in there before I break your other leg. Copper yelps and backs out. Tempe! Chief rolls his eyes, goes back, and picks him up. Boomer stops hammering, and they look into the hole. With an inventory of over 8,000 items available for sale at propstore.com we're proud to offer you the chance to own the ultimate movie collectable. We've got him trapped! First, grab your pencil. Tod: No. Not me. Don't overdo it. No no no. Big Mama and Vixey secretly stroll up and watch him from a distance. Amos aims his gun, but looks up, then gasps in shock. The photo is of Tod celebrating his first birthday. Chief continues growling, but Copper playfully chases after the rabbit. Big Mama: You gotta stop showin' off and start showin' up. My feelings are not puffed about with every attempt to move them. Tampermonkey is used to run so called userscripts (sometimes also called Greasemonkey scripts). Amos appears over a small hill. Also, resist the urge to add any graphics or logos. She laughs and nudges Amos on the shoulder and continues bandaging. Big Mama (excited): Uh oh! A vixen suddenly appears on the crest. How's this for a huntin' dog? . There he is! This is their only way out! (Pause) Hey! Tod looks very frightened. The owl shakes her head sadly then looks down at the fence. I don't know if I'll like that. Copper has grown even bigger. Both fall down laughing. Copper: 1. . Please do not stray off the reservation with margins and tabs to lengthen or shorten your script, as any professional reader will spot this junior league tactic a mile away. She stops to look around for a bit. So, to Chief slows down a bit when he jumps on the boulders, and they give way. She picks him up from his basket. You were so funny! Just 'cause you're not sittin' up front, that ain't no reason to be a sore head. (To Abigail) Abigail? He continues the chase. Vixey runs back to Tod. . She gestures in the direction of Vixey. This is it. Dinky: Hey kid! It's too quiet. Big Mama: You're gonna get a whole lot of satisfaction. This caused Chief to be accidentally waken up. The left side of your script should have a 1 1/2" margin. Chief lies down. ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Fox_and_the_Hound?oldid=145364. Don’t give that overworked reader an easy excuse to bin your baby! Inside are many different kinds of fur skins. [The camera changes to inside the widow's house]. Userscripts are little computer programs that for example add download buttons to YouTube pages, cleanup your Facebook timeline or help playing an online game. Copper looks behind and sees Tod. Vixey (giggling): Oh gosh! The pup looks up at them curiously. As the fish swims by, Tod tries to swipe at it. That's 1" from the Slugline or Scene Heading margin or about 10 spaces. Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. We couldn't find any scripts or writers for your search query. Big Mama: ‘Cause when you be yourself with the lady, yeah! And now I find we're both alone. Tod runs the other way. I don't want to see you get killed! When there is a strong message to convey and a subject dealing with contemporary social issue, NTR pegs up his performance and the same happened here. . He then continues to follow Amos as Tod gets up and limps in another direction. She faces him and smiles. Now don't… don't you move, honey. A man driving an old car putters past in the farm next door. Who. I-I'm a huntin' dog now. Oh boy. Well now. She puts on a hat. Script Font is a fun bold script font, fresh & modern style . Big Mama: You're gonna get appreciated right back. Note: Hollywood Script Express has you covered, providing all the recommended materials to ensure your script is professionally presented! D-do you think you can catch one? If it's the last thing I do I'll. The bear then tosses him up onto the slope. Amos: All right, boy. . A look of horror forms on Tod's face. Well yakin' and shiverin' ain't gettin' us anywhere. Big Mama's gonna be right back. SUPERIMPOSE: This is for written information (time, date, location, etc…) given to the audience that appears on screen. Tod then jumps up and bites down on Copper's neck. Squeeks looks down from within the branch and breathes a sigh of relief. They huddle around and talk. Squeeks escapes and continues along the telephone line. Beat it! Kajal Aggarwal, 26, is destiny s child. It looks sad. [The camera moves over to Amos, who's trying to get his car started]. The man pulls out a sack from the car. Tod (frowning): No, Copper! No, I don't believe it! Squeeks tries to dive into a snow bank but hits his head on something. [The camera follows them through several scenes of running before they stop]. Widow: Tod, stop looking at me like that. Hey! [The camera fades to a shot of the road in front of the farm]. Several skins are stretched out on racks outside. The large bear, now angered even more, bats poor Copper off of him, but only hurts him badly. He then looks at the widow sadly. Finally, Boomer pulls away, dropping a stunned Dinky to the branch. He scrambles up a chair and looks back out the window. They didn't even ask how I'm feelin'. How's he do that? Okay. Big Mama shakes her head and walks over to Tod. Tod is looking out, seeming rather sad. Copper returns the smile. Boomer (rapidly): Yeah. Dinky: Hold it, Boomer! Heh. But I'm too late. There's trouble! [The camera changes to outside her house]. 0:34. You'd better step over here and take a good look. The master's just cookin' grits and fatback. It's great to be back home. As the dozen men try to reach a unanimous decision while sequestered in a room, one juror (Henry Fonda) casts considerable doubt on elements of the case. Parentheticals aka Dialogue Directions should be 3.1" from the left margin or  6 spaces from the start of Dialogue. He's cranky. He lets out a fake whine. The widow is cooking something on the stove. Suddenly, Tod wakes up and listens. The cow moos. A look of extreme shock comes over Tod's face. Boomer: Hoo hoo hoo! Big Mama: Bye, Squeeks. The right side of the script should have 1/2" to 1" of margin. Boomer lifts his head out of the snow. Big Mama: Darlin'. Note: It is as close to a Camera Cue as you can get away with! He then places his head down beside the puppy. She nudges him, and he looks at her. Chief tries to give chase but is stopped by the rope attached to his barrel. As they fight, Copper rakes his teeth across the bear's muzzle, creating a deep wound and antagonising him even more. Why didn't you. Amos: There they are! Can't you see? You can't come barging onto my property, Amos Slade! The dog wakes up. Copper tries his best to keep up. Copper walks on screen, looking remorseful. He heads over to Copper, who is tied up to his barrel and howling anxiously. Chief (proudly): Uh uh! Here! Amos: Where is he?! Dinky and Boomer fly on screen, landing on the fence. . Copper continues chasing. Boomer: Now how do you like that g-g-guy?! Tod (amused): Th-thanks. Character names should be 3.7" from the left margin or 12-13 spaces from the start of Dialogue. Will you come here?! I'll say. Big Mama: Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries. Dinky: Shh shh. Big Mama: If you pal around with that Copper hound, you'll wind up hangin' on the wall. With a script from Steven Knight, Doug Liman pulls off a COVID-19 heist movie conceived and made during the pandemic. (He continues sniffing until he reaches Tod. She grows alarmed and starts chasing Tod. Chief snarls and stumbles toward Tod. Aw, shucks. The hen looks back and notices Tod. A shot strays upward. 8 1/2" X 11" plain white 20 lbs stock (i.e. She then whispers something into her ear. . He's gotta be around here somewhere. Yellow, black. Stop pestering Abigail. Now. What do you do that for? Amos: I ain't got no job. Hmph. Squeeks slowly crawls out of the snow. They escape deeper into the burrow as shots ricochet around inside. I think I bent my b-b-beak! A look of shock comes over the owl’s face. Script.woff; Thank you for checking and i hope you enjoy it. Big Mama (in slight dread): Oh Tod. Big Mama (preachy): Tod! Tod hops in the back of the car, where the widow is storing her milk containers. Squeeks hops on the opposite branch. Big Mama: Don't you worry now. Big Mama: If only the people would just let you play. Tod and Vixey cuddle. Widow (more sadly): I recall those rainy days. The dog sniffs at the bag, which starts to move about and yelp. Tod still looks very much drunk with love. The rooster crows in a new day on the farm. Chief starts barking and aggressively tries to get at Tod. Oh excuse me! It's a shame I have to keep him cooped up. Copper leaps at the bear again as Amos tries to get his own trap off his foot, despite that the iron grip of it still holds his foot as tight as possible, as this self called battle goes on. Widow (from inside): And try to stay out of mischief! You're a feisty little rascal. In fact I. . She angrily looks back at Tod. Are ya? Tod sadly takes shelter underneath a tree. Directed by Puri Jagannadh. Tod stops a short distance from the barn and looks around. Chief chases Tod into a chicken house. He crawls in its direction. Young Tod: Copper? Amos: Aw come on, Chief. Amos walks away. The dog licks its mouth and barks excitedly. Copper: I don't know yet. Tod: Do ya have to? Tod happily runs off someplace else. Amos struggles to reload his gun, and manages to do so, but isn't able to shoot the wrathful beast, who attacks him, knocks his gun out of his hands, and swipes at him, as Amos tumbles down the slope of a hillside. Daya, a corrupt police officer, finds his … . It's Dinky. Big Mama: If only the world wouldn't get in the way. If the pages are margin to margin description or page after page of dialogue then maybe you need a second opinion prior to sending out your baby. The Title Page follows the cover page and includes the same information and also your contact information in the lower right corner. Amos comes running up. The puppy prances out playfully. Gee, he sure sounds nice. Copper sighs sadly. Hey, where ya goin'? Chief is pulled off his feet. You looked at me, needing me so. If you are entering screenplay contests via Withoutabox.com please be sure to put your entry tracking number on your title page! He's got himself a real fancy collar. Tod's eyes widen in surprise. Vixey slowly approaches his side. You gotta think nasty! Why it's you! The left side of your script should have a 1 1/2" margin. Widow (amused): Amos Slade. so downhearted, Big Mama. As Copper jumps at the bear again, he gives him a vicious slap, and knocks the dog out cold, and sends him falling to the ground. Widow (angry): Why Amos! All of them miss. It flashes many colors. His eyes widen. Dinky and Boomer are inside the scarecrow's coat, freezing. Tod: You're a silly. Tod: Hey Copper. Boomer (ticked off): Which way did he go?! Sometimes it can be hard to spot mistakes in your own work so always give your screenplay to a friend and ask them to read it in one sitting. As Copper yelps, Tod escapes. In the Movie Temper : Due credits to Junior NTR for accepting this kind of a story and script which actually may not suit his body language. Widow: Your foot is mendin' fine. Copper: (shakes himself dry) I gotta. So it's advisable to avoid submitting scripts longer than 120 pages or shorter than 90 pages. Tod: I'll see ya tomorrow. Yes sirree. He then stops and looks over to the road and figures out where Tod is, despite being undeterred. Amos comes along, carrying his gun. She's busy at her stove. Come on, Chief. Useful when multiple characters are speaking to each other or in reference to props or objects. Amos (concerned): Watch it! I bet you'd be good playing hide and seek. Widow: Oh! It was so healthy. Copper (sadly): Yeah. Suddenly, they are blinded by flashing multi-colored lights. Nuvotech Limited. Boomer: There's something very familiar about those eyes, Dinky. Tod looks at her in guilt. The vixen disappears behind a hill, and a loud gunshot is heard. I saw it happen! Suddenly, Dinky wakes up and sees Amos. Dinky: Hey lookie there. If we, the audience, hear it then why don’t you just WRITE IT! Amos keeps his gun aimed at Tod. [The camera moves to the widow's front door]. . He pulls out something wrapped in snow. Copper stands his ground. He watches as the widow drives to her house. Widow (alarmed): Oh! We're having too much fun. "A Huntin' Man" starts playing. time! I'm a huntin' man. Both Big Mama and the pup look toward the sound's direction. Tod sadly continues on his way. [The camera opens on yet another day of hunting]. Chief stops. . Oh! Widow: Oh my my. Tod tries to follow as the chorus begins, but the widow sadly shakes her head "no". Get ready, Boomer. I never miss. The gun lands on a tree and falls out of Amos' reach as the bear chases after the frightened hunter and continues to pursue him. Tod appears and comes running toward Widow. The widow squirts some milk into Tod's mouth. It appears to be wilted. Don't stay mad. And now that is a natural fact. He sees Copper get up to leave.) We. Widow Tweed tries to maintain control of the car. He dives in again and succeeds. Dagnabbit! Tod takes off for the car but just misses it. She puts him down and takes his collar off. 12 Angry Men Synopsis: Following the closing arguments in a murder trial, the 12 members of the jury must deliberate, with a guilty verdict meaning death for the accused, an inner-city teen. Chief: Well now. [Click Here To Read Temper Movie Songs Review here] Cinematography: Deserved big applause. Amos: You may as well get used to him, Chief. What happened?! I was sure I heard someone knocking. . She floats down to it. Boomer fails to open his wings and falls to the ground. They can't understand... the magic of your wonderland. [The camera fades to a shot of a hole in a tree]. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox. You're not even aware, you're such a funny pair. He licks it up. Big Mama: You know? Copper and Tod continue playing. For example, FBI agents outside a bank siege who are shouting through a megaphone. all the. I'm not gonna harm you. At the bottom of the slope, Amos fearufully walks abackward and falls into one of his own traps! Nothing screams amateur more than Camera Cues. The bear slams Copper on the ground. . Big Mama (pleading): Please! Copper: It's great to see you, Tod. All Rights Reserved. . Big Mama: Yes you gotta appreciate the lady. He jumps and looks back inside. With a tearful glance back at Tod, she drives down the road. Tod runs. But remember-- The bear chases after Copper, narrowly missing Amos, who tumbles over, and gets up, and struggles to reach his gun, that is still caught on the branch, and has still fallen out of his reach. Suddenly, Tod starts barking eagerly. Prop Store is the world's leading vendor of original movie props, costumes and memorabilia. Dialogue should be spaced 2 1/2" from the left margin. Why old Copper, he's my best friend! Chief (amused): Oh lay off, Copper. (He looks back at Boomer.) Big Mama: Now if you're so foxy and old Chief's so dumb, then why does the hound get the fox on the run? Amos: Good work, boy. Amos is still firing. [The camera shifts back to Amos, Chief, and Copper]. He spots a hole.) Tod: (he jumps to the ground.) Shootin' up my radiator! Isn't it, Chief? He won't ever change. Let's scuffle! Temper mundu varaku assala NTR ki correct cinema padatledu padithe athadi caliber ento andariki telustundi anna average opinion atu fans lonu industry lonu undindi. . [21] The film was rumoured to be facing financial troubles in December 2014. The sounds of barking dogs follow. [The camera moves back inside the burrow]. He's having a dream. Woman, you ain't seen my temper! Dinky and Boomer start laughing. Dinky and Boomer land on the drain pipe. Land sakes. Dinky: Do I look like worm? Tod looks a little confused. Script Font suitable for logo, branding, greeting card, poster and any design that you create. Tod: I know, Big Mama. "Goodbye May Seem Forever" ends as the wind picks up. He splashes around and struggles trying to catch the slippery thing inside the log. He then limps back to his pillow and gets comfortable. I-I-I was just trying to. Amos: Well, Copper. We can play around here, then. Big Mama: Darlin'! Tod: Hiya fellas! He's right (points) there. Boomer taps at the glass, and both he and Dinky are zapped by electricity. Widow (horrified): Oh no! Tod looks sadly out at the empty barrels in Amos' farm. We gotta take care of some unfinished business. Squeeks gasps as she pours some water into the pot. He then continues digging. You gotta be natural. We're gonna find someone to look after you. Copper starts to shake in fear. Soft pillow. You . Honey? [The camera moves back to the widow's car]. But, the one and only minus points of the movie will be 'rountine script'. Dinky and Boomer fly on screen and land on a branch. Tod leaps on top of a rock then jumps onto a tree that had fallen and formed a bridge in front of the falls. Copper and Chief are asleep. He frowns and continues toward his house. Vixey curiously glances back. Vixey: W. . Quality work can be seen there clearly. [She looks up, thinking.] They run as Copper chases. Vixey is sitting in the morning light, looking exceptionally beautiful. The scene changes to night. . Just don't get your hopes too high. Tod struggles to get up. He screams and escapes. You could clown around forever. Tod (amused): No. Don't try to butter me up. Right, Copper? Keep runnin' old girl. She picks him up and points to the spill. I know. He then lights a bundle on fire and lays it on the pile. Copper opens his eyes again and smiles as voices from the past enter his mind. . Won't we? Tod emerges from the water and stumbles to the shore after defeating the monstrous antagonist. Amos: She dropped that fox off at the game preserve. Script.otf; Tempe! Big Mama: Well what did you plan to do if you ran into old Chief? The film was made on a budget of ₹35 crore (350 million). (She puts Tod down.) And look at that big pile of skins he helped track down. A loud thunderclap frightens him, and he darts into a burrow. Boomer: Now where'd he go? He stops and looks around. He periodically gives off a flash of light as he crawls along. They steadily increase in volume. The butterfly then flies around, briefly flashing brilliantly. . You're hurtin' my foot, woman! Tod (terrified): Aah! Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager. Tod appears from around a barrel and watches the car leave. Copper looks a little more grown. Boomer gets his head stuck in the hole and pulls himself out. Tod finally stops some place and sits down. [The camera takes a brief shot of the pup hiding in the grass]. Big Mama pulls Vixey out into an opening. She heads back to her stove. We're goin' south for the winter. Chief: Hmm. The leaves start to fall. The vixen appears beside a wooden fence. He's sure makin' a big fuss over a little old hurt leg. Amos: (snapped) Chief. *sigh* Author Swyter Daily installs 13 Total installs all the. Tod's joy fades as he notices the sadness on her face. Now. It sure turned cold! Dinky gets pressed between the tree trunk and Boomer's chest as Boomer tries to listen. Hoo hoo hoo! . Dinky: Okay, Boomer. Tod doesn't get the clue and starts to walk away. Now I'm thinkin' though. Now now. Boomer: It's just gettin' interesting! Dinky: Button your beak! A porcupine watches him as he looks for shelter. Can it? Because he's got the hunter, and the hunter's got the gun. Will you hold still? Let him have it! You come here! The scene changes, and they are now walking side by side. That's not what I smell. I shouldn't have let Tod go! Tod: Look, don't worry. Upon spotting the fox, she gasps and drops the laundry. You can also buy specialized software tailored specifically for formatting such as Script Studio which does most of the work for you, auto-completing as you type and formatting your text and margins automatically. Tod runs up and starts playing with the cow's tail. She continues toward the car. Widow (reminiscing): We met, it seems, such a short time ago. Copper starts tearing at the entrance. Come on, Chief! That Copper pup's gone and strayed off again. They look back inside the hole. Ha ha! Not only would your script be ruined but maybe that hotshot producer’s jacket as well! He climbs up a steep slope, jumps onto some loose boulders, and continues climbing. [he continues fussing about his leg being hurt by his iron steel trap that he stepped into by mistake during the battle with a bear.]. You treat me like a pup. (Louder) Give me that gun! Tod continues walking. . She finally smiles. This is the place! Tod cautiously looks around as he walks. Suddenly, she hears laughter. He then puts his head on the ground and closes his eyes. He gives her a lick, and she hugs him tightly. Big Mama: Well. Don't move. Big Mama (sternly): You'd better believe it, Tod. Dinky sees him. Paper – Must be U.S. Letter! I think I hear somethin'. Dinky: Good work, Boomer. That's a. . playing together! You look beautiful! Seeing Tod there, he lets out a long, sad howl. Get out of the way! Tod: I know all the tricks. Run along and play. Be careful! Widow: A long one from the looks of it. Widow: I can't understand. MONTAGE: This is used for a series of related or contrasting images that are often set to music. Even though some of the supported browsers have native userscript support, Tampermonkey will give you much more convenience in managing your userscripts. Big Mama: Last night was pretty miserable for you. Snug as a bug! Binding -- Two solid brass paper fasteners (1 1/4") a.k.a ‘brads’ should be used to bind the script. Dinky: You can take him, Boomer. Won't we, Big Mama? It tries to hide from her. Boomer tries to hammer into Squeeks, but he dodges. He struggles to get up, but is too weak as the bear approaches by circling around him. Copper: Boy. Just as the bear raises his paw to kill Copper, Tod runs down the slope and jumps onto the bear's back. Copper barks and runs around excitedly. Amos: I've got a surprise for you, Chief old boy. Well good riddance. ZOOM, PAN, TILT, DOLLY IN/OUT, BOOM UP/DOWN, ANGLE ON, etc should be avoided if at all possible in your first few scripts. What happened to ya? Chief (warning tone): Okay, Copper, but the master ain't gonna like you wandering off. A mix of sadness and concern falls on his face. Copper: Oh don't go in there! Tod notices a flower. Temper! Dinky (shivers): Jiminy. Ha ha! And time has a way of changin' things. Copper (whispering): That's not the part you gotta worry about. Tod! it's a. . They rush toward the fire and escape unharmed. For example: Instead of writing: “As Johnny Hero cleans his gun, tilt up to reveal a missile streaking across the sky”; You could write: “Dropping his M16 and snapping his gaze skyward, Johnny Hero watches a missile streak across the sky.”, Also try to avoid the royal “We”. I. . He spots Copper sniffing the ground. Farewell is like the end. Copper enters the forest, and Amos follows. His quills then accidently poke Tod, and Tod wakes up in shock. [The camera pans across the scenery and stops at a waterfall with a lake in front]. Squeeks tries to take shelter back in the hole as Boomer breaks the piece of wood binding his beak. Widow (tenderly): Well bless my soul! “One month Later” or “The Pentagon, D.C.  - 08:00 hours”. Boomer (snorts): While we're out here freezin' our b-b-beaks off! ], [The camera zooms in on a woodpecker and a sparrow in a tree] You only get one shot with professional readers in Hollywood (Agents, Managers, Producers, Screenplay Contest Judges) so make your first impression your best impression. [The camera changes to a shot of Vixey approaching the area]. With their friendship restored, they go their separate ways. Tod pull his tail back. Badger: Why don't you go back where you came from?! Abigail! Tod runs up the slope, the bear close behind. Squeeks crawls up the door and disappears into the keyhole. What ya sniffin' at? . Wakin' up folks in the middle of the night! I hope it never ends. Amos hops in his car and gives chase. Boomer, sitting up in a tree, imitates carrying a gun. (walks away.). And I found out I needed you too! Now get of my property! Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer are watching the scene from outside. . He then heads over to the car and hops in the front seat. . I can outfox that dumb old dog any time. . Chief looks around, a little embarrassed. . Here comes visitors to see the invalid. A squirrel leaps into the branches above him, causing some water drops to fall on Tod's head. V.O. Copper: Aw come on, Chief. As he reaches the top, the bear takes a swipe at him. They then run off together and disappear in the distance. Can't tell these young whippersnappers anything. Copper looks up and starts sniffing the air. Read through your script and pause when you feel you have found a beat change. Elimination. He sees Chief and runs back the original way. Amos: If I ever catch that fox on my property again, I'll blast him! He then rolls his eyes. Amos (shocked): No! Porcupine: Mr. Digger, sir. The log becomes vertical as he tries to chase the fish. The flames shoot inside the burrow. Tod glances and spots Vixey. [The camera fades into a shot of them playing together]. The Enterprise meets God in space; God is a life form, and I wanted to suggest that there may have been, at one time in the human beginning, an alien entity that early man believed was God, and kept those legends. Menu. He starts sniffing the snow. Tod: Look, Big Mama! He then stops and looks back at Tod. Yellow, black. Do not exceed 56 lines per page! Ha ha! I-I heard you comin'. [The camera pans back to include Copper and Chief sitting in their barrels], Amos: Ow! They both fly off. empty-headed. [The camera moves back to Copper and the bear]. Amos stomps on the brakes, stopping just in front of her. Squeeks slowly appears behind them. So instead of, “We hear a blood-curdling scream in the distance.” You could just as easily type, “A blood-curdling scream echoes in the distance.”.