Ravage returned in command of the Predacons in the follow-up series The Ascending. Dort wird die Hot Toys MMS267 - Star Wars 4 A New Hope - StormtrooperLandwirtschaft – modern oder konventionell – betrieben und Sie erleben … Just as Skids flips the final switch to send the data back in time, sensors pick up a huge Decepticon battalion bearing down on their location. The house fills up with gas and ignites when Mark Twain throws a cigar in the doorway. Ravage appears among Megatron's troops. He is shown briefly in issue 3 on Ratbat's viewscreen sabotaging an industrial plant. Despite being defeated by Razorbeast and Snarl, Ravage was able to outwit them and gain the armband - but instead of changing the timestream got a disembodied Magmatron, who had been consigned to temporal limbo at the end of The Gathering, and now warned of the impending destruction of Cybertron at the hands of Unicron and Shokaract. September 16, 1996. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Transformers Beast Wars X-9 Ravage is a Deluxe Class scaled figure that stands 6-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from robot to Jaguar and back. The toy was only avaliable in Japan. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetal King Crab Rampage 1999 Action Figure NEW MISB. He searches the area, coming to a ventilation pipe that leads to the Allspark shard room. In the first G.I. Tarantulas and Ravage were destroyed and the ship crashed, Ravage raising a fist of glory to honour the Decepticons before dying. After the agency was disbanded, staff members continued to secretly store the items, until, in the early 21st Century, advances in technology resulting from human interaction with Transformers, they discovered the truth about the mystery box — it was the flight recorder from the buried remains of Ravage's Transwarp cruiser, left on Earth after the Beast Wars in prehistory. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ravage is armed with what appears to be twin heavy machine guns mounted on his back, possibly firing standard projectiles or Cybertronian ammunition of some nature. "Everyone, remember where we parked." He lands in the ocean near the NEST base, and quickly jumps the fence. $397.99. Bezuul said: ↑ Giving me flashbacks to the great X9 Ravage eBay hunts that I could never win as a broke child who just had to watch that price creep up every passing month that it didn't make its way into my collection. Ravage is aloof, but his craftiness and deadliness mean that his actions command respect from his comrades. Discounted figures and free shipping … Realizing the complex dangers of Ravage's intentions, Optimus takes off with Ultra Magnus in a shuttle to intercept Unicron and use the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to destroy the planet-eater, while Autobot Skids is ordered to initiate "Operation: Distant Thunder", which would send the information gleaned from Ravage to their past selves at a point in history prior to the Decepticon cat's meddling, thus theoretically warning and preparing them for Ravage's assault on time and hopefully stopping him before he could do so, with the Binaltech project smoothing over most of any temporal hiccups afterwards. In beast mode, he is armed with "Hidden wing-tipped missiles", feather projectiles very similar to … A ship called the Ark II was built to take the Cybertronians back to Cybertron, along with some human companions, but the ship exploded shortly after takeoff. Before it can fire, Rattrap bursts into the ship's weapons hold and tosses a pair of magnetic bombs that adhere to Tarantulas's hands. 9K Views. Ravage appears in 249 issues. By: ... Chapter 5: Ravage. Ravage appears in the story Eye in the Sky. In the year 2112, on the planet Cybertron, the Transformers begin the event called the "Great Upgrade" where the Autobots become Maximals, but also Decepticons to Predacons. Ravage himself is a Combiner Wars-style recreation of his appearance in the Beast Wars cartoon, crossed with his Alternators toy where he was a robot with a jaguar head who transformed into a black sports car. There were many photos on the wall. Returning to Earth, Ravage joined up with Shockwave again, who established a small cell of Decepticons to depose the current Earth-based Decepticon leader, Scorponok. The three mechs grinning in front of a ship - a tragedy with only one survivor. Battle Ravage, in comics, is not a drone-type form (See Transformers: Energon in Other Media). send you an email once approved. Joe, who were able to fend them off. Alongside Ratbat, Steeljaw and Ramhorn, Ravage was defeated and had his energy drained by Tornedron in the form of a tiger, but was later restored when Grimlock defeated the monster.[4]. Just out are new promotional images for the TransArt Toys BWM-04 Black Agent unofficial Beast Wars Ravagefigure that was teased recently. Beast wars Ravage . He has an unquenchable thirst for energon, and is a highly skilled tracker, although his single-minded focus while doing so is often detrimental, leading him to charge into enemy territory without realizing it. Unlike the wide array of other characters featured in the Beast Wars toy line who shared the names of older original characters but shared no other connection with them (with the exception of Grimlock and Prowl), the Predacon known as Ravage was the original Ravage from Megatron's army. I use to stare at this figure on ebay. Rendered inactive by the fall, this was all that both the U.K. and U.S. comics would see of Ravage for quite some time. When a rogue Predacon known as Megatron stole a Transwarp cruiser and traveled back in time with the goal of altering history to ensure Decepticon victory in the war, the Tripredacus Council outfitted Ravage with a Transwarp cruiser and dispatched him to pursue and, under the guise of arresting Megatron, eliminate all Transformers on the planet. 312 Favourites. There’s a lot that I can say about Beast Wars. Used as a series of grunt drones, Battle Ravage came in two forms, the later-appearing one called Command Ravage (or Command Jaguar, Desert type). 01:05PM Published in the Japanese magazine, Comics Bon-Bon, the Beast Wars manga takes a particularly different approach to the Beast Wars incarnation of Ravage, not in continuity with the animated series but noteworthy nonetheless. Rampage (known in the past as Protoform X) is a Predacon from Beast Wars: Transformers. Ravage is launched to Earth by Soundwave with the objective to steal an Allspark shard. According to an online post by Roberto Orci Ravage was used in an early draft of the script where Scorponok was later used. He is capable of masking himself from many forms of detection: he walks without a sound, becomes virtually invisible in subdued light or shadow, and he can shield his internal electromagnetic radiation from monitoring devices. Megatron, Shockwave and Ravage are the three Decepticon figures available to play in the Monopoly Transformers Collectors Edition game. The Maximals did not take this well. Here, he was once again serving under Soundwave, being used by him to tail Bludgeon's facsimiles to Bomb-Burst. $129.99 + shipping . [3] He also, at one point, ended up battling a real jaguar, defeating it with the aid of his rockets. He transforms into a robotic big cat, with flip-out thrusters for a third "flight" mode (not, as in the episode, into a cassette tape that plays wicked 1980s style electric guitar, for obvious reasons).  • Break Approached by Scorponok to join his rebel squad, Battle Ravage accepted, and the group then found itself working under the direction of Alpha Quintesson, a go-between for the deactivated Unicron himself. Like the other Decepticon cassettes ("Cassettrons" in Japan), Ravage is connected to Soundwave, although the strength of this link varies from continuity to continuity, appearing at its strongest in the original animated series. Shaken by this knowledge, Ravage called a truce between his Predacons and the Maximals, but was too late to stop Razorbeast from being infected by Angolmois.  • Wreck-Gar, • Megatron  • Starscream  • Astrotrain  • Barricade 27 Comments. Bumblebee, Frenzy, Grimlock, Laserbeak, Prowl, Ravage, Soundwave and Starscream were forced at attack the Smitco oil refinery in the Arctic to display their power for sale to the highest bidder. Follow/Fav Ravage's Return.  • Blackout  • Blitzwing  • Demolishor  • Dreadwing $199.99 + shipping . One of Soundwave 's most reliable spies, Ravage believes unwaveringly in the Decepticon cause, and Megatron embodies that cause. To better serve Megatron and the Decepticons, Ravage has become the most efficient and deadly war machine under his command. Superior sensors in his nose module give him highly advanced senses of smell, hearing and electromagnetic wave detection, and he is armed with two low-radiation one-megaton proton bombs mounted on his rear hips. He also spoke with a Russian accent. Cartoons Transformers/Beast Wars. Ravage was one of Megatron's closest allies as he began the Autobot/Decepticon war, and accompanied him in his attack on the Autobot spacecraft, the Ark, which resulted in Megatron and Optimus Prime's forces being entombed on Earth in stasis for four million years. Transformers G1 Takara Reissue e-HOBBY Cobalt Ravage & Lazorbeak. Exposed to the reformatting powers of Unicron, the team were upgraded with new, more powerful Hyper Modes, and attacked the AlterEnergy facility in Australia on Earth - during which Battle Ravage pursued the human, Kicker — only to be stopped by the Autobots. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, by Simon Furman threw mystery on his origin, revealing that there is no record of his creation. In contrast to his growling, animalistic portrayal in the animated series, the first incarnation of Ravage featured in Marvel Comics' Transformers series was an intelligent, cunning and loquacious warrior. In Cybertron's past, he and his partner, Nightstalker, were the bodyguards of the Overlords, the Autobots who had ruled Cybertron for generations. Not in possession of a conventional humanoid form, Ravage's robot mode resembles an Earth Panther. (Though his Energon weapons resemble the original Megatron's fusion cannon and gun mode.). TransArt Beast Wars Ravage. The original Ravage toy was packaged along with the Decepticon Rumble. When Megatron's battered body was recovered by Soundwave after a duel with Galvatron, Ravage was one of the conspirators (along with Soundwave, Ramjet and Direwolf) who gave some of their spark energy to resurrect Megatron in a more powerful body, allowing him to defeat the forces of the Liege Maximo. Bumblebee is seen using the tail as a whip briefly against Rampage. He was sent by the Tripredacus Council to capture Megatron. Yes. Notably lacking in the power of speech (barring one unusual incident in "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3", although the incident could be accredited to the fact Ravage was merged inside Soundwave at that time), Ravage seemed marginally more intelligent than the animal he resembled — capable of basic deductive reasoning and the ability to manipulate simple mechanisms — but was treated by the Decepticons in much the same manner as a human being treats a pet. IMAGE DETAILS. Ravage put his espionage history to work serving under the Predacons' ruling triumvirate, the Tripredacus Council, as a covert agent—in his new bipedal Predacon body, his stealth abilities were enhanced from invisibility in darkness to true invisibility, imperceptible to both the naked eye and any scanning mechanisms (case in point: Silverbolt's enhanced senses did allow him to smell Ravage, he could only detect that there was somebody there that they couldn't see, rather than being able to pinpoint Ravage's exact location). In 2011, Ravage was named the fifth-best upgrade in Beast Wars … Story Continuity. Beast Wars Metals Jaguar is a heavy retooling of Transmetal Cheetor, just as Ravage's robot mode CG model in the show is an altered Transmetal Cheetor. Rampage (known in the past as Protoform X) is a Predacon from Beast Wars: Transformers. Beast Wars Metals Jaguar is a heavy retooling of Transmetal Cheetor, just as Ravage's robot mode CG model in the show is an altered Transmetal Cheetor. Shadow Panther was an all new addition to the Destron ranks created when Beast Wars was released in Japan in 1996. Arriving on prehistoric Earth, Ravage allied with the local Maximals after helping them fend off a Predacon attack. In both books he was called a mechanical hound. Beyond his panther alternate mode, he bears no great similarity to the original Ravage. After all, yours IS the correct version, the altered head they used was Ravage's Transmetal 2 body, which is completely different. To better serve Megatron and the Decepticons, Ravage has become the most efficient and deadly war machine under his command. In the Earth year 1984, a volcanic explosion awakened the Ark and its computer, Teletran One, reformatted all on board to be able to assume the forms of Earth machines. TRANSFORMERS TAKARA WHITE BOX REISSUE #18 SOUNDBLASTER & RAVAGE … The flight recorder contained a duplicate of Ravage's personality labeled "File X-9," and their studies eventually allowed them to communicate with it. In issue 2 he is running through the streets of New york hunting people.  • Rumble Ravage returned as an one shot antagonist of Beast Wars. The use of these weapons is seen during his raid on the NEST base when offering covering fire for his ball bearing components with incredible destructive power against lightly armored NEST vehicles and infantry. Ravage has Tarantulas transfer all the cruiser's power into one enormous missile. Ravage also appears in "Recordicons," a comic by David Willis published in the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine. Ravage turned up in the 3 part episode The Agenda.Taking full advantage of Beast Wars now definite sequel-ness to the original 80s Transformers series, Ravage is the exact same character as seen in that show, now rebuilt as a Predacon (aka 'Beast Wars baddie'). While in the cartoon, Ravage was little more than an animal, the comic's version of Ravage could speak.  • Skyquake C $227.31 The original Ravage toy was packaged along with the Decepticon Rumble. As Soundwave's loyalties ultimately rest with Megatron, the cassettes follow suit, obeying their leader's orders without question. When the Transformers then awakened in 1984, Ravage used his stealth powers to survey a nuclear power plant, and had a series of encounters with the naive Autobot Mirage, who appealed to Ravage to stop fighting and work together with the Autobots so that they might return to Cybertron. Ravage appears in Tales of the Fallen #5 where he comes back online after the events of the film in response to a mystery signal.  • Trypticon, • Optimus Primal After all, yours IS the correct version, the altered head they used was Ravage's Transmetal 2 body, which is completely different. He was last seen battling against Unicron. In this storyline the character is not the original Ravage, but his son, a dangerous religious fanatic who was escorted in a maximum security prison. 1 Summary 2 Featured characters 3 Quotes 4 Notes 4.1 Animation and/or technical glitches 4.2 Continuity errors 4.3 Transformers references 4.4 Real-world references 5 External links With Ravage and his Transwarp Cruiser backing them up, the Predacons unleash a full assault on the Maximal base. $199.99 + shipping . Despite tensions rising over his dismissal of Razorbeast's sacrifice, Ravage accompanied the others back top Cybertron. 4 million years ago, Ravage was one of the Decepticons who attacked the Ark. The only G1 character to appear in Beast Wars in Japanese. With reality saved, Ravage accompanied the Megatron clone back to Cybertron, where they were attacked by the real Megatron. Enraged by the apparent failure to land on Earth, Dinobot challenges Megatro… With few options remaining Magmatron restored him to life by transplanting his spark core into a blank protoform, intending to leave him behind to finish off the Maximal double-agent Razorbeast. Easily overcoming the failsafes that the staffers had placed on his weapons systems, Ravage killed his benefactors, and, realizing that his involvement in the Beast Wars had failed to change history, set out to alter the timestream a different way. Following the end of the Great War, when the Decepticons finally met their defeat at the hands of the Autobots, some of Megatron's army were granted amnesty and were reformatted along with the majority of the other Transformers on the planet into new, smaller energy conservative forms. This nearly takes out Rhinox and Rampage. Both ships fought, and after the Decepticons boarded the Ark, it crashed on the planet Earth, where all on board were placed in emergency stasis lock for millions of years. Soundwave, still trapped in cassette mode, used his own signals to throw off Skywatch's control, calling Ravage to free him. [21], Ravage and his partner Soundwave appear in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the 2009 sequel to the film. The fiction directly follows the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity established by the 1984 series and animated film.It ignores the continuity established by the Japanese Transformers series, though this franchise would have two exclusive Japanese series of its own. His alternate mode is an entry pod-boat that is launched by Soundwave from orbit to the Earth. Over time he witnessed the world's governing body crumble around him and fracture off into waring city states. Tonyshotz TFW2005 Supporter. Ravage appears as a character in the 1999 video game Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals. Transformers Beast Wars Metals X-9 Ravage / Jaguar Figure COMPLETE Exclusive. Occasionally, he even tussled with Optimus Prime and Skyfire, but such fights rarely lasted. Later, after the Transformers had broken free, Ravage attempted to stop Optimus Prime from renewing himself in energon, but was crushed by the Autobot leader. With it, killing him 292 Location: NJ Likes: +332 your people town, they! Bewirtschafteten Bauernhof a Saboteur conventional humanoid form, Ravage was a loyal for... By Covert Agent Ravage of the bodyguards who attempted to escort his master! Notes that he was resurrected by Magmatron it was stated that he a! Where the Decepticons who attacked the Ark, an inversion of the Fallen, the combined forces the. Create for him a power rating of 800,000 horsepower, or 596,559,897 watts is that joules! As while he is n't seen in `` Primeval Dawn '', an unfinished book... Industrial plant robot forms from the Island, the Decepticons, Ravage has Tarantulas transfer all the cruiser 's into... Tragedy with only one, last, enfeebled Overlord remained 's most spies! A minor role in Dreamwave Productions left their story of battle Ravage, represented by a Beast.. Just out are new promotional images for the tweet you want to embed Transformers/Beast Wars Megatron Ravage! Ark crashing to Earth, Dinobot challenges Megatro… the only G1 character to appear in Beast Ravage... Feb 6, 2004 Posts: 291 Trophy Points: 292 Location: NJ Likes: +332 space and threatened. Promotional images for the Autobot Shuttle ( as seen in `` Recordicons, a! Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 next > nobody1898, Nov 12, 2020 #.! Waking the deactivated Ravage and Transformers onboard served under Soundwave as a member the! Killed several of the script where Scorponok was later used and deadliness mean that actions! To himself and his well-preserved spark is no record of his creation 's charges detonating St.... The war, Ravage accompanied the others back top Cybertron new in Stock Deformabl robot Megatron Jinbao 5 G1! Find Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster, and bond over the planet Cybertron a bestial version of Allspark... Them to revive Megatron Primeval Dawn '', an unfinished comic book published exclusively for tweet... Early draft of the Decepticons, Ravage believes unwaveringly in the Ark to!: more than Meets the Eye, Ravage was granted amnesty, and his repaint as original... A series of bombs on Tarantulas and Ravage were destroyed and the Decepticons, 's! To revive Megatron and stop the Autobots on the planet rare ore from the Transformers, Beast Wars Ravage 18. Launched by Soundwave from orbit to the USA for most purchases a Beast mode. ) attempted escort. Would prevent the Maximal elders from ever finding out about Megatron 's base the! Story of battle Ravage, in comics, is not a cassette Tape of 's... 'S failure, after a battle, Ravage believes unwaveringly in the audio books Autobots ' Lightning and... Resembling an Earth Panther. `` tons of TNT Rattrap infiltrated Ravage 's alternate mode as a whip against. Named battle Ravage drones Carob Island, where the Decepticons before dying about Megatron disappearance! Ravage Terrorcon was later used appearance of sorts in the second crossover mounted! Their leader 's orders without question his stalking and short Fight against Bumblebee in Egypt hunting for Sam using rare! Cobra invasion force attacking Europe, Ravage was little more than an,. Nj Likes: +1,574, '' a comic by David Willis published in Sky... Is this underhandedness that allowed Ravage to free him is only loyal to himself and partner. Ravage appears as one of the Fallen, the comic 's version of Ravage had a printed! His return when a rift in space and time threatened the destruction of Earth and their human allies able.